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Why Should You Volunteer

6 April

Volunteering seems to be an activity that people either have never done before or someone will spend their lives volunteering for different causes. The truth is, volunteering has so many benefits, many of which affect not only yourself but can help spread positivity and help throughout an entire community. Volunteering means donating your time and abilities to help others, often in a non-profit setting, without financial compensation. There are a lot of non-profit organizations that rely on volunteers to get the work done, the help they need, and the word spread. So why should you volunteer?

  1. Volunteering allows you to meet new people in your community, finding individuals with a similar interest as you. Finding people who love volunteering in the same organization or who have the same interest as you helps you form bonds and strong relationships.
  2. Volunteering can also help you gain knowledge on a specific community or issue. Whether you knew of the cause beforehand or this is your first time donating your time to them, you can start understanding problems around your city (or in other countries!) that you may not have known before.
  3. Lastly for this list, but surely there are many other benefits, volunteering gives you a sense of purpose, feeling needed and proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’ll likely feel happier knowing you’ve helped out individuals or a community.

If you’re debating on volunteer, we strongly recommend you to find a group or cause you’d love to join for an event. If you’re around Los Angeles, feel free to get in contact with LadiesTouch Healthy Choices to find out what next event they will be involved in.



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