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Ladiestouch Healthy Choices came about or birthed, after realizing wanting to build awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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This came about after losing my daughter in 2008, due to obesity but also negligence of the hospital. After losing my daughter leaving 2 granddaughters whom I’ve raised practically since birth. I’ve decided to set an example for my grandgirls and others there was hope for another chance of life for my mind body and soul. After, I change the way I ate I had lost over a 100lbs. It was definitely a roller coaster throughout my journey with its ups and downs.

About Ladiestouch Healthy Choices

We are a volunteer-based organization, supported by community donations. 100% of our donations go towards funding our events. Our mission is to build awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


“I got involved with the team at LadiesTouch Healthy Choices a few years ago and I can honestly say it has been the most rewarding experience.”

– Jessica –

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