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Importance of a College Mentor

30 August

College can be a very stressful time, regardless of when you choose to take the step towards getting your diploma. Some go into college unsure of what professional direction they’d like to take, some feel as though they aren’t taking full advantage of what a college has to offer. Regardless, having a mentor to help guide you through the process can be extremely beneficial.

College mentors can help give guidance to students and determine an individual’s strengths, interests, and passions to advise them on a potential path. Mentors can also help give the confidence needed to take charge in their education and be the leader in group projects and class-settings. Mentors can help individuals set goals for themselves to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment, help an individual network and build connections that may change their future, and assist in developing interview skills and in the job-searching phase.

This is why it’s incredibly important to have a college mentor. They give valuable insight into what the college has to offer along with what programs, jobs, or individuals around them are important to know to help them further their educational and professional careers.



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